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NOAA releases expansion proposal for Gulf of the Farallones and Cordell Bank national marine sanctuaries

April, 2014

Anchovies are plankton feeders, and can have high levels of domoic acid.

CDPH expands warning about consuming anchovies and sardines from Monterey and Santa Cruz counties

April, 2014

Cover of the new report in the Marine Conservation Series.

The Phenomenon of Shipping Containers Lost at Sea

March, 2014


White Shark Programmatic Environmental Assessment

March, 2014

ReefCheck logo

Divers Wanted for ReefCheck CA in 2014

January, 2014

Since mid-2011, I have worked with Japanese colleagues and scientists around the world to understand the scope and impact of events that continue to unfold today. In June 2011, I organized the first comprehensive, international expedition to study the spread of radionuclides from Fukushima into the Pacific, and I or members of my lab have participated in several other cruises and analyzed dozens of samples of water, sediment, and biota.

Fukushima Radiation (January 2014 update)

January, 2014

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Sanctuary Currents 2014: CALL FOR RESEARCH POSTERS

January, 2014

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Shark Net app for the iPhone

January, 2014

California mussels.  Photo by Dr. Steve Lonhart, NOAA MBNMS.

Shellfish Poisoning Alert for central California

December, 2013

The robotic arm of the ROV “Doc Ricketts” pushes a core into the muddy seafloor to collect sediment for analyses. Many of these cores were collected today, along with a few “fragile urchins” (small and pink round objects in the image). Samples were taken along the edge of a Sanctuary Ecologically Significant Area where Dr. Jim Barry (MBARI) is developing ageing techniques for urchins (think tree rings) and hopes to learn how these poorly understood, deep sea communities function.

Lost Shipping Container and Benthic Ecology Cruise Log (Dec 11-16, 2013)

December, 2013

MBNMS and MBARI Research Staff will be re-visiting this shipping container, which rests at almost a mile below the surface of Monterey Bay (Photo: MBNMS/MBARI)

Scientists To Give Lost Shipping Container a Second Look

December, 2013


Salmon Shark Strandings (2013)

December, 2013

Northern Anchovy.  Photo credit:  Dr. Steve Lonhart, NOAA MBNMS.

Anchovy Die-Off in Santa Cruz Harbor (2013)

October, 2013

Pisaster giganteus deteriorating.  Photo credit:  Dr. Steve Lonhart, NOAA MBNMS.

Sea Stars Impacted by Wasting Disease (2013)

October, 2013

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Blue-footed Boobies Visit California Coast (2013)

October, 2013

Gravid vermilion rockfish in Point Lobos State Marine Reserve.

Checklist of Fishes Known to Occur in MBNMS (v.1)

September, 2013

Screen shot of Spotter Pro app for iOS

Spotter Pro App Now in Use across West Coast Sanctuaries!

August, 2013


California Grunion Spawn in Monterey (Summer 2013)

August, 2013

The PG Hyperbaric Chamber treats both diving-related injuries and victims of smoke inhalation.

Pacific Grove Hyperbaric Chamber Re-opens

August, 2013

efh news

EFH Proposal Submitted to the PFMC

August, 2013

Young red abalone at Point Lobos State Marine Reserve.  Photo by Dr. Steve Lonhart, NOAA MBNMS.

Fish and Game Commission Acts to Protect Red Abalone

July, 2013

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Natural Resources Assessment Now Available

June, 2013

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Great Annual Fish Count

June, 2013

Western Grebe entangled and unable to fly.

Seabird and Marine Mammal Entanglement (2013)

June, 2013

Chad YOYs

Explosion of Young-of-the-Year Fishes in Central CA Kelp Forests (2013)

June, 2013